Employment Scam Alert

May 05, 2016

Please be advised that third parties unrelated to M. A. Mortenson Company are allegedly perpetrating on-line employment scams. Recipients often receive an unsolicited email stating that Mortenson Inc. is offering them a work from home employment opportunity. Unfortunately, the scams taking place seek to gather personal information and even payment from applicants.

Here is one example of an email we have seen in circulation:

Dear Potential Applicant,

We are please to announce and Offer you with a job position in our establishment Mortenson Corporation. Your resume was immensely reviewed and we strongly believe that you will meet and exceed your expectation as We believe that your experience, skills and qualification will make you a very competitive candidate for this Job position also it will be among our most valuable assets. We also feel confident that you will make a strong significant contribution to the growth and profitability of Mortenson, Inc Corporation!.

This Job Offer is strictly online and a work from home job where everything is been done online remotely. To conduct the Online Interview, you will need to setup a Yahoo Messenger and Instant Message the Head Hiring Interview Manager ( [HIRING MANAGER NAME] ) on ( [] ) for the Job Briefing & Interview Process!

Salary: You will earn an hourly rate of $XX.XX.

The Positions We Have Available Are: Data Entry Clerk, Accounting Clerk, Accounting Executive, Clerical Administrative, Bookkeeper, Customer Service, Payroll, Medical Billing Coder and Medical Biller Coder, this are the position needed ASAP!

Response and Resume should be forwarded to [ ] for further communications.

Kindly confirm and acknowledge the receipt of this mail.

Thanks For Your Co-operation!

Sincerely Regards,
[Mortenson Team Member] - [Title]
Leadership Team Member
Mortenson, Inc.

We have reported this to appropriate authorities and are working with our job posting partners to try and prevent this practice. We recommend that you do not respond to the email and do not send money to the perpetrator. Note that M. A. Mortenson Company would never request a submission of payment as part of a legitimate employment offer.