Data Center


Our commissioning activities help identify potential system-related problems so they can be resolved before leading to major equipment damage or a disruption of service. The training component of commissioning can ensure a well-trained and well-equipped operations and maintenance (O&M) staff, resulting in fewer mistakes that lead to system failure.

During the preconstruction phase, Mortenson’s design-phase manager will partner with the designers (engineers and architects), key subcontractors, and the third party commissioning agent as applicable to develop the overall test plans, procedures, protocols, equipment/vendor coordination, and schedules, ensuring that the commissioning program is a fully integrated component of the overall construction project. 

Mortenson’s proactive and thorough commissioning program results in fewer change orders, delays, and rework, avoiding the considerable costs of late occupancy, liquidated damages, extended equipment rentals, and other costs associated with delays. Our customers have indicated that the commissioning phase on Mortenson projects are pleasurably uneventful.