Lean Principles

In the Lean vocabulary, Value = Quality + Cost + Efficiency.

We deliver Value by adhering to six key management philosophies which make up the foundation of our project approach.

— Daily Improvement: We can always improve what we do by using all of the Lean tools at our disposal.

— 6S: The 6S concept uses workplace organization as a tool to tell the normal from abnormal, safe from unsafe, etc. 
    The six S’s are: Sort, Simplify, Standardize, Shine, Sustain, and Safety.

— Integrated Work Planning: Integrated Work Planning involves breaking down the work from the vision to the individual task level in order to level the load and manage the work with tools to maximize safety, quality, and efficiency across the project.

— The Voice of the Customer: Hearing the voice of the customer through the entire value stream involves asking questions such as “Does this change the fit, form, or function of the project?” or “Is this important to the customer?”

— Just in Time: Just in Time is a planning system for construction that optimizes resources to consistently deliver just what is needed, just where it is needed, in just the right amount that is needed, exactly when it is needed.  Just in Time is particularly important to a complex project with challenges such as a very tight site, adjacent facilities, and congested pedestrian and vehicular traffic situations.

— Jidoka: Jidoka is task-by-task confirmation of quality based on the content of the project-specific Quality Management Plan. This empowers everyone to stop work when a defect is detected, get involved in finding the “root cause,” and develop solutions and implement countermeasures.