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Over 90% of our Federal work is delivered via the design-build process. We understand the importance of true collaboration between the Design and Building teams during the design and construction stages of a project. An equal partnership is critical to a successful project, where all parties are engaged in creating solutions and overcoming challenges. At Mortenson, we leverage our design-build experience and use this knowledge to improve our processes and also improve our relationships with our partners.

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“Mortenson Construction has been a superb design/build construction partner.  They understand the importance of quality design and providing excellent technical solutions to our clients.  Their culture of excellence and service is exceptional and consistent throughout their organization.”

Kit Wong
Principal / Senior Vice President

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“In the last five years, we have performed eight design-build projects with Mortenson Construction for a variety of federal clients. Through Mortenson’s leadership and focus on collaboration, we delivered these projects as an effective, integrated project team.  Mortenson’s extensive BIM experience and expertise enhanced coordination during both design and construction.  We value the alliance that has developed between our two firms and take pride in our work as part of the Mortenson design-build team. We look forward to further building upon this relationship on our next project together.”

James R. Vilbert, P.E., LEED® AP
Senior Vice President

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“We’re always proud to be able to say, “We team with Mortenson” on a variety of work.  As a builder and as a client, Mortenson demonstrates the values that consistently produce quality projects:  integrity, fairness, collaborative approach, abiding concern for quality, and commitment to success for all project participants.  Their staff brings a wealth of acquired knowledge and experience, and also keep up with the latest trends in our industry, such as IPD, 5D BIM and design/build.  We look forward to continuing our strong relationship.”

Jim Fitzhugh, AIA, Principal
RSP Architects