My goal as a leader is to listen, provide input rather than direction, and grow the people around me to make the right decisions.

Pioneers in renewable energy

I have a particular interest in energy and the environment, so I’m proud that Mortenson has become a leader in renewable energy projects. In our early days, when I was tapped to lead the fledgling team, it was the smallest group in the company – there were 24 of us, and the business was losing money. Now it’s a multi-billion-dollar operation with multiple services, all designed to deliver better outcomes for our customers. As we have achieved the very top rankings among wind, solar and power EPCs, the business now offers a broad range of career paths and a wealth of benefits for our team members. I couldn’t be more proud of how far we’ve come and the role I got to play.

Launching businesses with intention

Mortenson is constantly exploring new markets and building new businesses. This certainly entails some risks, but they are calculated, thoughtful risks that we are prepared to take. We excel at uncovering customer pain points, experimenting, and problem-solving to pinpoint the best solutions for unsolved challenges in a market. Not every offering will become a billion-dollar business, but each new service adds something valuable to the whole set of integrated solutions.

Innovating where it counts the most

So much of our innovation is driven from craft – the people in the field. It’s not being dreamed up by others who have never done the job. It’s coming from the people doing the work, who are determined to figure out how to do it faster, safer, and better. It’s exciting to see how those “small” innovations are driving big changes in how we approach projects and how we deliver outcomes beyond what our customers imagined.