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Is your venue delivering the right experience? Few things are as important today as patron or fan experience. All venues compete for a finite pool of guest time and attention, so delivering a truly exceptional experience they desire is paramount to the growth and success of your organization.


The connection between working environment and productivity is increasingly important. Are your employees (or tenants) happy with their everyday working environment? Do employees feel your space is boosting productivity or hindering it? Does your office provide the right balance between space for team meetings with quiet workspace?


Today’s students expect not only educational excellence, but also a desirable and comfortable campus environment. What do students like and dislike most about your campus? What are their favorite and least favorite spaces, and why? What changes would both students and teachers recommend for classrooms to improve the learning process?


Business and leisure guests have wide-ranging needs that must be fulfilled everyday by your team and facility. Are your guests getting the experience they seek? Do you know how your guests would rate your space compared to that of competitors? Are you missing any low-hanging fruit to improve the guest experience?


You uphold the highest standards of care. Do your patients notice? Are they happy with the healing environment they are provided? Do families and visitors have the amenities they need so they can focus on helping their loved ones recover?

To answer these questions and more, we offer a complimentary Facility User Satisfaction Survey. To find out whether your firm qualifies for our study, please click below, and we will be back in touch within 48 hours.

For a summary of the survey service, download the flyer.

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