Facility Management Services

Optimizing your facility and reducing your costs

We recognize how the facilities we build relate to and affect your core business during the design and construction, during turnover and initial occupancy, and long-term as an integral part of your business. Mortenson's Full Service Facility Solutions (FS2) provides facility operations and maintenance related services focused on this initial and long-term success; ensuring your facility is kept in top condition and promoting your core business success.


FS2 combines owner advocacy and technical services that are customized to the needs of your facility and staff. We look at the facility with an owner’s eye, focusing on a smooth transition, tenant satisfaction, and developing organizational processes for stable operations. Technical Services develop a strong base for operational efficiency, combining preventive maintenance, risk management, and performance optimization programs.

This combination of an owner’s mind set and technical expertise significantly reduces operational risks, life cycle costs, and improves tenant satisfaction. It saves you money and ensures you sleep better at night.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Preparing for financial success

You need answers about your new project. How will it work? How much will it cost? How do I make informed decisions? Will I be able to operate it cost-efficiently?

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) guides you in making the best decisions during preconstruction. A business model is customized with your financial goals, operational metrics and initial specifications. For every design option you consider, TCO can provide an analysis of the interrelated costs of building, operating and maintaining.

No longer will you be focused only on design and construction costs but also on long-term facility success

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Transition to Operations (TSO): Re-engineering the close-out process

You want a smooth transition to live operation and sustainable occupancy. Transition to Sustainable Operations (TSO) optimizes your new building so it excels both operationally and financially right from the start.

Long before your facility is complete, planning for its operation and maintenance begins. This forward-thinking approach includes a web-based organizational platform, InfoCentre, for cataloging all relevant information about your building from equipment manuals and paint colors to qualified vendors and maintenance guidelines.

Your dedicated FS Squared manager is involved throughout the design and construction phase of your project, and works with you and your team through commissioning to sustainable operations.

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Total Maintenance (TM): Improving the management of your facility

For your facility to achieve its potential and fulfill your financial goals, you need Total Maintenance (TM).

TM takes advantage of the knowledge gained during the planning, design, construction and transition phases of your new building. Completely customized, your TM solution ensures that your actual building matches your original plan and expectations.

With engaged TM professionals and a robust web-based maintenance program, you get a high-touch and high-tech approach that focuses on operational excellence and cost accountability.

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