Mechanical, Electrical + Plumbing (MEP)

When something isn’t working properly, it’s the first thing people notice
Tucked away behind drywall and ceiling tiles, some of the most critical components of your construction project are related to things that most people never actually see. MEP systems not only control your building’s environment and comfort level, they have an enormous impact on your construction budget, ongoing operations costs, and overall functionality of your building.

Our Approach

MEP 3D Modeling managed by Mortenson

We provide dedicated MEP professionals for every stage of your project, from the design phase though warranty. Our team will:
— assist in selecting systems that are properly sized and energy efficient
— validate that construction and installation meet design intent & operate as anticipated
— ensure you have a successful transition to operations.

We will work to understand your desires and goals for your project, and in the end, our goal is to deliver a facility to you that functions as promised.
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