Virtual Design and Construction

A ten-year track record implementing and promoting a BIM process makes Mortenson Construction a pioneer in the field of advanced AEC practice.

Jay Bhatt, Senior Vice President
Autodesk AEC Solutions

The Herculean Effort

A critical component in achieving unprecedented feats at U. S, Bank Stadium was effective (VDC) Planning...



Virtual reality (VR) & augmented reality (AR) tech are positioned to become game-changers in the world of...


The VDC Team

Meet our team and the talent behind our VDC approach and innovation.


The Last 100 Feet®

Mortenson's Virtual Design & Construction Advantage

As the sun rises over the silent pack of trucks, loaders, and dozers, the construction crew finishes its morning stretch and turns to the superintendent for instructions. He hands them the single sheet of paper - or a digital tablet - that contains every detailed piece of information they’ll need to correctly build the concrete wall on the far side of the site.

Fiction? For most builders, it probably is – but not on a Mortenson project. Where most crews will refer to at least 20 different drawings over the course of building that concrete wall, Mortenson’s virtual design & construction team has pulled together the pertinent information from the 3D model containing all the schematics, wrapped it up into one simple document using The Last 100 Feet® model onsite, to the workers who complete the job.

What does this mean for our customers?

The Last 100 Feet® - Taking VDC through to the end has proven many times to save considerably on the time and cost of projects. In our experience, it dramatically reduces mistakes, rework and time wasted in numerous trips back to the trailer to search each drawing for the information needed.

From planning and communication to safety, quality and productivity, Mortenson has again taken the use of virtual design & construction to a new level, to the benefit of our customers, partners, subcontractors, and team members.