Mortenson maintains an unwavering commitment to the elimination of injuries and potential injury-producing events from its worksites. At Mortenson, the only acceptable number of injuries is ZERO.

Ready to help drive our commitment to zero injuries?


What does a safety professional do?

Two women walking away on a construction job site in bright yellow safety vests with Mortenson's logo for "Zero Injuries" safety program.

Collaborate on the development and execution of project planning, site-specific safety plans and activities, and hazard analysis

Empower teams to reach their full potential and meet goals through a humanistic perspective

Influence through meaningful safety program orientations, trainings, and daily meetings.

Actively demonstrate care for the health and well-being of all team members

Impact project and team success through establishment and tracking of key metrics and ongoing audits

Educate and strengthen teams as a key resource of safety-related information

Ready to help drive our commitment to zero injuries?


Commercial building site
Mortenson Civil team laying the foundation for one of our many wind projects,

Diverse industries, endless opportunities

Mortenson is one company with many doors. One of the most exciting things about Mortenson is the diverse nature of our business. From some of the largest renewable energy projects in the country to extraordinary vertical structures that change city landscapes, there is no limit to your curiosity, learning, and where your career can take you next.

Growth and career mobility are tremendous given the depth and breadth of our markets. Ambition, interest, and motivation are factors that take you far at any organization, but at Mortenson, we also look for character, curiosity, and diverse thought to add another lens to our success and yours.


Working at Mortenson is different

As a family-owned company, that feeling of family is something we hope each new team member feels upon joining the organization. The care we share for one another at Mortenson is something that makes our organization special and sets us apart.

Our founder Mort Mortenson believed that we were all born to be leaders, that leadership wasn't something that just happened to us but was something within us. His legacy lives on in everything we do.

diverse construction workers with helmets

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We value our rich differences and we’re committed to building a workplace where everyone belongs. We know that our team member uniqueness helps generate innovation, better decision-making, and superior performance.

From training and development efforts and events to community engagement and business resource groups, we continue to grow in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We want you to feel comfortable bringing your whole self to work each day and know that what you bring, makes us better.

Why Mortenson?

Internships that turn into full-time roles

Team members who complete our internship program are often hired into full-time, entry-level roles.

Competitive pay with top benefits

Our internships pay competitively, come with benefits, and give you hands-on, translatable experience.

An industry leader across the nation

We consistently rank in the top-15 construction companies in the nation...and we're first in renewable energy.

Innovating the construction industry

We are on the leading edge of technology, inclusion, and diversity, and progress within the industry.

Job security during uncertain times

We have a diversified portfolio that allows us to withstand the highs and lows of the economy.

Travel and experience the country

Depending on your role, there are many chances to explore a career filled with adventure around the nation.

Meaningful mentorship

Your growth and development on the job is our fervent focus throughout your experience with us.

Positive culture

Our company-wide employee engagement score of 89% is above average compared to other high performing competitors.