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Students take the challenge

Supporting Mortenson's commitment to stewardship and community involvment, our Minneapolis based-Renewable Energy Groups sponsored and participated in the first annual Minnesota Renewable Energy Challenge and Festival at Griggs Park in St. Paul. The event, which took place on a sunny day in May, was organized by High Tech Kids, Kid Wind, and Leonardo’s Basement; all locally-based organizations dedicated to teaching kids about science, technology, and renewable energy.

The event featured teams of students from grades 6-12 competing in the design and construction of model wind turbines and solar powered boats, with the goal of creating the most innovative and efficient design. A judging panel that included REG Scheduling Engineer, Bill Heer, presented awards determined by each team’s energy output, design, debate and solar boat scores. Bill expressed his appreciation of the event, stating, “The kids that participated were very bright and were passionate about their projects.”

Spectators, families and team members were able to join in the solar boat races, watch the turbines perform in wind tunnels, and listen to debate topics relevant to the renewable industry. Attendees even took home their own copies of our book, “Catch the Wind.” The Challenge presented an excellent opportunity for kids to be engaged in renewable energy and the process of engineering design and experimentation. Mortenson is fortunate to have taken part in what is sure to be a successful annual event for students in the Twin Cities! Based on what we witnessed during the challenge, some of our next leading renewable energy experts may spring forth from this friendly competition!

Please visit our Discover Renewables page to learn more about em>Catch the Wind and how you can get a copy. Or take a few minutes to enjoy our Catch the Wind video.