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February 03, 2014 By Kelly Alpers

TechTerns from Mortenson Construction on Vimeo.

Tech Terns Partnership on the Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Center for Advanced Care Project

Froedtert, Cannon, and Mortenson have partnered with Bradley Tech High School since late 2012 to bring real-world learning into the classroom.  A group of 18 high school sophomores have been working with our team to learn a variety of real-world aspects related to the healthcare, architectural design, and construction industries.  This is being done through a project-based learning environment – the new 480,000-square-foot Center for Advanced Care on the Froedtert Hospital campus in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  The students will follow the facility’s design and construction progress through Spring 2015.  They interact with owner, design, and construction team members throughout the project, and visit the construction site regularly to learn about construction and experience on-the-job problem solving.

During these Tech Terns sessions, the students visit the jobsite trailer, where they learn about topics like earth retention systems, mass excavation, building codes, and concrete.  They participate in interactive activities and trivia.  In addition, guest speakers share with students their own career paths and how they worked hard to get to where they are today.  After hearing these presentations, the group tours the job site, where they see what they learn in action. 

Tech Terns Quote

This unique and comprehensive project is unlike any other in the nation because it is led by the A/E/C industry and made possible only because of a strong partnership of the organizations listed below.


  • Building owners: – Froedtert Health, The Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Architectural firm: Cannon Design
  • Construction management firm: Mortenson Construction
  • High school: Milwaukee Public Schools, Bradley Tech High School
  • An intermediary: Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership/BigStep (WRTP/BigStep)
 Bradley Tech

Members of these organizations believe there is no other career pathway model in the US that was initiated by the building’s owner and/or includes an intermediary.

Bradley Tech

According to project leaders, this Tech Tern program is unique, and being developed and piloted so that it can be shared with and used in schools across the nation.