Mortenson Launches Remote Operations Center

June 20, 2018 Mortenson Remote Operations Center

Mortenson Energy Services has launched a remote operations center (ROC) to manage a growing portfolio of operational wind, solar and battery storage projects. The San Antonio-based center offers customers powerful monitoring technology without incurring the cost of building, staffing, and operating their own operations center.

With the capacity to oversee U.S. based projects around the clock, the remote operations center manages power and voltage management as well as communication with utilities and regional entities.

"We've invested significant resources in growing our operations and maintenance business over the last 18 months,” says JP Conkwright, Mortenson’s Services Operations Director. “We’ve gone from a single solar farm in west Texas to managing multiple operating resources across the U.S.”

To streamline Mortenson’s technician dispatch process, the remote operations center utilizes ServiceMax Field Service software. With a robust end-to-end process, the software integrates initial alarm notification, technician dispatch, and customer reporting of the remedial issue.

"Mortenson can now offer more expertise in the industry as a third-party O&M services organization,” adds Phil Hatch, Mortenson’s Operations Manager. “World class monitoring and reporting systems are valuable additions to our renewable operations and maintenance services."

Contact JP Conkwright for more information on the remote operations center.