The Bakken Museum Kicks-Off Renovation Project

February 06, 2020 The Bakken Museum Kicks-Off Renovation Project

To improve visitor flow and increase engagement through enhanced programming and exhibit experiences, The Bakken Museum is undergoing an extensive renovation. The historic mansion will add a new entrance facing Bde Maka Ska and a 3,200-square-foot outdoor elevated walkway. It will also get an indoor renovation modernizing the lobby, classrooms, makerspace, and exhibit spaces.

The creation of a new, flexible multifunction space will offer opportunities for programs and further establish a modern design on the property. Internally, the current galleries will be consolidated to create a more unified exhibit and classroom experience in the lower level, while maintaining the antiquity of the West Winds Mansion.

Bakken Groundbreaking

The first phase of the multi-year construction project kicked-off in January with a groundbreaking event attended by community members and project partners, including featured speaker City of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

Phase one of the renovation is expected to wrap up in time for summer camps and to introduce the new exhibits throughout summer and fall of 2020. A second phase is planned to increase square footage and support educational, community, and rental activities.

This renovation project will help the museum share stories of past, present, and future innovations that have prompted humanity to question ideas about ourselves, society, and the world. New exhibits and education programs will expand on the museum's Inventing for Health initiative, exploring Minnesota's long history as a leader in biomedical engineering, human enhancement, and medical technologies.