Wisconsin DOT Marquette Interchange

February 15, 2010 WISDOT Marquette Interchange by Mortenson

Mortenson was selected by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to provide Construction Management and project controls management services for Milwaukee’s downtown interchange. The Marquette Interchange, a cornerstone of southeastern Wisconsin’s highway system since the 1960s, was replaced with new structures and roadways. The $810 million project, completed in early 2009, was the largest public infrastructure project in the history of Wisconsin.

The new Interchange was designed to ensure the safe and efficient flow of traffic. Though the new interchange occupies the same amount of land, it includes design features such as two-lane ramps, gradual curves on ramps, more distance between ramps to eliminate traffic conflicts from lane changes, and the elimination of all left-hand entrances and exits. The 4-year project included 4 legs encompassing the roadways traveling into the heart of the interchange: the North Leg, West Leg, South Leg, and the Core.

This $810 million project was managed using Mortenson’s Project Management Controls System (PMCS). Utilizing Primavera Expedition, the team was able to efficiently log and track issues, RFIs, DINs, submittals, change orders, contractor letters, email correspondence, and costs - all in real time. The Mortenson team was effective in our ability to communicate among different project management systems: Expedition, cost tracking Excel sheets, and Field Manager.

Specifically for this project, Mortenson developed and implemented a project issue management system based on the needs of WisDOT. On each leg of the Marquette Interchange, we proactively bridged the gap between Field Manager and Expedition via a Mortenson-developed spreadsheet that uses Field Manager data to capture line item over-runs and under-runs. This allowed us to project cost to complete on any line item at any given time. We also developed and implemented a successful project document control system on each of the project legs, allowing us to package a report showing a comprehensive list of project submittals complete with their due date which is managed against the project schedule.

WisDOT came to rely upon the Mortenson team as a key resource - the access point for project information by the engineers, inspectors, and project managers working on the project. We were able to maintain a comfortable level of flexibility in our system and processes to meet the ever-changing needs of the project teams without compromising the integrity of the information being shared with WisDOT management.