Episode 16 – Likely M+A, Likely Risk

The first half of 2018 saw record levels of M&A activity in the United States, increasing by 79% compared to the level of activity seen during 2017, according to Thomson Reuters data. The number of deals itself reflected a 13.1 percent decrease from a year ago, reflecting the increase in valuations. Hailed “the year of M&As” by Forbes, the consensus for 2018 is that strong deal activity is ahead.

On this episode of Building What’s Next™ The Podcast, we’re joined by Sanchayita Ray, strategy and market development director, who shares insight into the food and beverage industry and the types of surprising risks that executives may encounter during and post-transaction. With M&A activity remaining strong, executives across multiple industries can benefit gaining better visibility into their real estate portfolio.

1 in 3 of the facilities acquired in M+A has hidden issues that did not surface during due diligence


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