Clear is the New Retractable

Building a roof structure that provided fans the experience of being outdoors without actually exposing them to the elements was a tremendous challenge in a city known for its harsh climate.

Following months of investigation, the design team at HKS presented the idea of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene, or ETFE. While used abroad in the construction of sporting venues such as the Water Cube in Beijing, Allianz Arena in Munich and Forsyth Barr stadium in New Zealand, ETFE had never been used on such a large scale in the United States. Both lightweight and durable, this innovative material proved to be the ideal solution and a key feature in the Stadium’s iconic design.

By leveraging Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) heavily during the planning phase, the panels were fabricated based on measurements in the model, not in the field, allowing a complete installation in five months. Today, U.S. Bank Stadium has the largest ETFE roof in North America, spanning over 248,000 square feet, approximately 60% of the stadium.

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