Redefining What’s Possible: Planning for Extraordinary

The integration of comprehensive planning and technology were critical in delivering the Minnesota Vikings and the taxpayers of Minnesota an iconic building of superior value, early and under budget.

Combining Mortenson’s expertise as the largest sports builder in the U.S. with a suite of technology tools led to game changing outcomes. Every aspect of the project was planned and optimized in extreme detail, virtually, long before any work took place on the project site. The team was able to experience the stadium in virtual reality prior to construction. Virtual reality provided the ability to visually design and complete spaces before construction began, aiding in the decision making process and saving time and money. The 4D model, which adds the dimension of time to 3D modeling, allowed the simulation of hundreds of solutions and the ability to better collaborate and execute the project.

Sports expertise combined with advanced technologies were imperative to the delivery of U.S. Bank Stadium and Redefining What’s Possible.

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