Data Centers

Because Your Business Runs 7x24
  • Tier I-IV new construction experience ranging from .5 to 10 MW
  • Expansions, upgrades & consolidations of live data centers
  • PUE designs as low as 1.08
  • Modular approach supported by BIM and VDC
  • Mission critical projects in 40 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, Brazil and Japan


Avoiding Unplanned Downtime

Preventing or greatly reducing the possibility of unplanned downtime, which can be devastating to a business, is perhaps the greatest value commissioning provides for a data center. Commissioning activities ensure that mission critical equipment is properly installed and that systems are fully integrated. The process checks for redundancy and single points of failure. It includes comprehensive system testing to verify availability in all operating modes.

Mortenson Data Center Expertise

We Deliver

The Data Center Group brings multifaceted expertise to solve the challenges you face—both inside and outside the fence. We have complete solutions and can provide the required infrastructure to support your project needs from site acquisition through operations. This includes:

  • Obtaining entitlements to land, easements and permitting
  • Negotiating with utility power providers
  • Designing, orientating and installing substations
  • Engineering, procuring and installing power to the site
  • Constructing utility scale renewable energy to directly support the site
  • Constructing roads and utilities connecting the site to municipalities
  • Conserving, treating and supplying water
  • Engineering, procuring and installing battery storage solutions
  • Designing facility power systems for resiliency and redundancy
  • Managing long lead equipment procurement, tracking and installation
  • Leading factory witness testing
  • Virtual mockups and laser scanning
  • Detailed electrical labor tracking, flow scheduling and management
  • Focused commissioning from project planning through start up

Our culture of planning every detail will lead to a smooth commissioning process and reliable operations for your data center without the stress of unnecessary surprises.