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Mortenson Energy Services is backed by the strength of Mortenson's 20 years of renewables experience. When you tap this base of expertise and experience, your business gets an edge. That edge comes through Mortenson’s proven ability to maximize efficiency, minimize downtime, and reduce costs on major services.

Enjoy peace of mind with a partner who understands your business and your objectives. With over two decades of experience, Mortenson ensures cost and project certainty and the opportunity to maximize your profitability.

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Integrated Service Model

Mortenson never stops breaking new ground. For major component exchanges, we've designed an innovative service model that replaces the standard run-to-failure approach. This more strategic, integrated system allows us to deploy resources quickly and keep equipment at the ready, resulting in less downtime and reduced costs for our customers. It means we can quickly ramp our vast skilled labor pool up or down to meet your needs. The sum total: better service and a greater degree of price and project certainty for our customers.

Learn more about how your potential cost savings using an integrated approach here.