Energy Services

Independent Service Providers (ISPs)


As an independent service provider, you understand just how specialized O&M is.

Mortenson Energy Services allows you to take care of the pieces of the O&M picture that you do best. For independent service providers, Mortenson's business innovations help ensure price and project certainty.

Using our 20 years of wind industry know-how, we replace the standard run-to-failure approach for major component exchanges with a more strategic, scalable system that ensures consistency and availability of both skilled labor and equipment. The strategies we've developed reduce mobilization costs and support equipment availability (such as for cranes), decreasing wait times that the industry has had to tolerate for far too long.

Mortenson also solves the labor equation. We come with a deep pool of skilled labor that allows us to swiftly ramp up or down to meet your needs. Our expansive and skilled team of technicians is available around the country to be deployed swiftly and strategically. And their specialized skill set translates into further efficiency gains.

Bottom line: We help you get your customer back online faster while minimizing down time and reducing cost.

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