Energy Services

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)


Ultimately, any business is about finding ways to increase profitability.

As seekers of innovation and improvement since the early days of the industry's modern era, Mortenson continues to find new opportunities to make your wind projects more efficient and profitable. With the strength of Mortenson's expertise and industry leadership behind you, including extensive experience with all major turbine technologies, we are ideally positioned to partner with you to help grow your business. 

From our broad-view vantage point, we see the whole project, a customer's regional operations, and even its entire fleet. Using an integrated service model, we replace the standard run-to-failure approach for component exchanges with a more strategic, integrated system that allows us to deploy resources quickly and keep equipment at the ready, resulting in less downtime and reduced costs.

For the OEM, it all adds up to price and project certainty. Mobilization costs come down, and we bring you a deep pool of skilled labor that allows us to quickly ramp up or down. And our Energy Services team's specialized skill set translates into even greater efficiency gains that flow straight to you. Those technicians, specialized and skilled, perform at high levels even on the most complex projects, allowing your crews to remain focused on what they do best.

The result of this combination of strengths: component exchanges, for example, become that much easier for an OEM to manage, downtime shrinks, and efficiencies—along with your profitability—increase.

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