Energy Storage & Solutions

Enabling Smarter Power
  • Actual, hands-on experience with full scope energy storage
  • Grid-tied and behind-the-meter experience
  • Capabilities in building solutions, pre-engineered systems, and engineered systems


Storage Device Optimization

Due to the dynamic nature of energy storage operations and the important effects that system use has on operational costs, Mortenson has developed tools that  quickly develop multiple scenarios, seeking to maximize the value of energy storage over the lifetime of the asset.

We arrive at the right solution faster so your project can move forward efficiently.

The tools create a system lifetime cost model based on system-use and equipment parameters. These models allow us to effectively engage with our customers in the consideration of the impacts of system use, equipment size, equipment selection, equipment costs, augmentation strategy, and government incentives on the total lifetime system cost. Optimal component combinations have been proven to reduce future augmentation and operational costs.

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Energy Storage Expertise

Delivery Methods

Actual, hands-on experience with full scope energy storage is slim in the industry – however Mortenson is one of the few EPC contractors who have successfully completed grid-tied energy storage projects. 

We specialize in integrated comprehensive project delivery, meaning we can partner with you during any stage of development to take our engineering, procurement and construction expertise to ensure your project is successful.