Mort  Mortenson

Past Chairman

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When good things happen it is the result of the efforts of good people working together, united in a common purpose. Our future is indeed bright.

Mort Mortenson

In the company that bears his family’s name, there is no greater steward of its values and legacy than M. A. "Mort" Mortenson, Jr.  As chairman, his beliefs reflect his more than 50 years at the company his father founded in 1954.

Mort joined the company in 1960 at the conclusion of two years of service in the U.S. Navy as an officer aboard the USS Lansing DER-388.  In 1969, he succeeded his father as president. Mort earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Colorado – Boulder.

“Those of us fortunate enough to lead in companies with a great heritage are stewards of the legacy inherited from our predecessors,” says Mort. The cornerstone of that heritage is an adherence to old-fashioned values of honesty, hard work and personal responsibility.

Mort's business philosophy is centered on the concept of building lasting value.  He has dedicated his career to laying the foundation and building a continuity plan to position the company to be perpetuated for generations to come. His beliefs are firmly embedded in the company’s makeup.

The company's purpose: To build structures and facilities for the advancement of modern society. 
The company's core business philosophy: Value creation for the benefit of team members, customers, the company and communities. 
The company's core long-term strategy: Growth in retained earnings. 
The company's guiding principles: To guide the actions of team members to carry out their responsibilities and duties with integrity and trust – to always do the right thing. 
The company's goal: To be the foremost leader and model company in the construction industry. We will be the best at what we do.
The company’s reputation: Our future is secured by earning and maintaining a good reputation with our customers and business partners.

Mort holds in highest esteem the management team responsible for the company's strategic and business planning and oversight of business development, operations, business services, and the company’s project teams – the builders on the front lines who successfully carry out the construction.

He also promotes the company’s adherence to continuous improvement in the conduct of its business, from operating policies and procedures for the safety, quality and productive execution of its construction projects, to its cost accounting system for project cost control and evaluation.

Mort cannot imagine a more satisfying or fulfilling business for every person who has a role in the design and construction of the structures and facilities that make our world a better place. “We share a heritage reflecting generations of achievement in the construction business,” he says. “When good things happen it is the result of the efforts of good people working together, united in a common purpose. Our future is indeed bright.”

Quietly committed to his community, Mort has given support to youth, hospitals, student scholarship programs, and the Greater Twin Cities United Way and its agencies.  He is an elder in the Presbyterian Church and serves on the Board of Trustees of Westminster Presbyterian Church.