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The American Transmission Company’s Corporate Headquarters and Operations Center consists of a 125,000 SF corporate headquarters building and a 33,500 SF, Tier 3+ operations center in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  The project incorporates elements such as high-efficiency mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, green roofs, maximum daylighting, and solar panels.  The corporate headquarters building is LEED Gold Certified.

To achieve LEED Gold Certification, the team explored a variety of sustainable options.  Unique features include a 50kW, 234 panel, photovoltaic (PV) array that provides supplemental electrical power for the office building’s lighting.  This harvested solar energy provides a reduction of approximately 25% of the overall office building’s power usage.

In the design and construction of this project, the team developed and constructed very energy-efficient MEP systems.  The MEP systems include raised access floors for data/cabling and electrical wiring, under-floor air distribution, 43% potable water use reduction, high-efficiency Remote Terminal Unit’s with exhaust ventilation recovery units and building humidification, daylight sensors on open office fixtures, occupancy sensors in all rooms, and innovative high-efficiency light fixtures.  The most innovative aspect of the MEP systems, however, is the heat recovery loop that allows excess Systems Operations Center heat to be filtered back into the office building.  

Other unique sustainable features incorporated into the design and construction of the ATC Corporate Headquarters project include: a 20,000 SF LiveRoof greenroof system, passive daylight harvesting through the use of light shelves, solatube skylights to bring daylight into dark core building areas, on-site stormwater retention, drought tolerant landscaping species, and reused roofing shingles in the asphalt binder pavement.

  • PV array reduces overall office power usage by 25%
  • Of occupied space, 93% of users have outside views
  • Occupancy sensors in all rooms
  • Innovative light fixtures
  • Interior finishes selected for high recycled content value
  • Solatube skylights used to bring daylight into dark core building areas
  • Passive daylight harvesting through the use of light shelves 


Mark Sherry Senior Vice President Email | 262.879.2550
Mark Tomsyck Project Executive Email | 262.879.2523


Award of Excellence - Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, 2012

Real Estate Award - The Business Journal, 2009

Top Project - The Daily Reporter, 2010