With a commitment to exposing youth to the variety of opportunities in construction and a focus on filling the pipeline of qualified workers, Mortenson has partnered with the Building2Learn since 2017. Our team is passionate about sharing our construction knowledge and helping students understand the wide variety of career paths available to them in our industry.

Mortenson is currently partnering with Racine Unified School District’s William Horlick High School to bring the B2L program to 26 students.  These students will have the opportunity to work alongside various craftworkers over the course of the Aurora Medical Center Mount Pleasant project.  The Mortenson team alongside our project partners will provide hands-on, skilled-trade training challenges for students to develop technical skills, academic proficiency, a practical code of ethics, and career plans as they learn to use tools safely in real work environments. By completing and exhibiting practical, enjoyable building projects, students take ownership of their learning. Teachers work closely with industry experts to deliver instruction that yields measurable, industry standards-based performance.

B2L focuses on skilled trades pre-apprenticeship training by designing Productivity Centers and Passion Projects in partnership with industry leaders and innovative schools. The goal is to produce equitable paths to lifelong employability for students and a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent for skilled trades and manufacturing careers.

Check out the different sessions our team has hosted either at the school or onsite below.

Session 1

To kick off the Building2Learn program at William Horlick's High School Mortenson Senior Superintendent and industry leader...


Session 2

This B2L session focused on formwork and its importance in pouring concrete for the foundations of the new...


Session 3

Project partner Thorne led the B2L session on partition framing.  Essential to any building, is...