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As a pioneer in energy, we know what’s coming next because we’ve been there before.  Finding new ways to deliver energy infrastructure projects and new innovations with which to deliver them. We’re ready to push the envelope and break some conventions.  Are you?

The Future of Energy Storage

Perspectives from storage and utility professionals

Containerized Energy Storage

Containerized Energy Storage

A Containerized Battery Energy Storage Solution

Building What next: the podcast

Energy Storage Study Podcast

Interview with Brent Bergland, General Manager for Energy Storage


Emerging technologies offer the world tremendous promise of a brighter future, but because they’re new, they also bring along a bit of chaos and confusion. Regulatory uncertainty, cost concerns and not knowing if or how all these new technologies will function in harmony often make it difficult for companies to embrace them. Energy storage is no different. 

Real, viable storage may be new, but at Mortenson, we like new. We forged new paths in Wind and Solar energy early on, always finding new solutions, driving costs down and innovating, because our customers and our world deserve it. Let us help you sort through the chaos and put our energy behind your storage solutions.