Alaska USA Federal Credit Union In - Store Branch Remodels / Phoenix MetropolitanAZ
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The Alaska USA Federal Credit Union In-Store Branch Remodel projects each included complete demolition and remodel within an existing grocery store to become an in-store Federal Credit Union branch. Work included new partition walls, millwork, and finishes along with new electrical and mechanical equipment. Each renovation took place over an accelerated 6-week schedule and with zero interruptions to the fully-operational grocery store. Coordinating early with design and trade partners and successfully releasing approved long-lead procurement items while the design was being finalized allowed the team to complete each of these renovations on or ahead of schedule.

- Glendale, AZ | 1,000 square feet | Completed November 2014
- Phoenix, AZ | 1,500 square feet | Completed July 2015 
- Mesa, AZ | 1,500 square feet | Completed July 2015 
- Tempe, AZ | 561 square feet | Completed February 2016 
- Avondale, AZ |  607 square feet | Completed May 2016, Delivered 1-week early and rated Far Superior
- Peoria, AZ | 483 square feet| Completed July 2016, Rated Far Superior 
- Phoenix (Arcadia), AZ | 379 square feet | Completed November 2016, Delivered 1-week early 
- Scottsdale, AZ |  405 square feet | Completed February 

Facts And Figures

AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union

November 2014 - February 2017

Range: $170,000 - $260,000

Range: 400 - 1,500 square feet

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