University of Oregon Huestis Hall renovation project rendering
University of Oregon Huestis Hall Renovation / EugeneOR
How do you carefully renovate the home of a highly sensitive research facility?

Originally built in 1973, Huestis Hall is a hub for the biological sciences at the University of Oregon and houses key research and teaching laboratories. The deferred maintenance project will transform the four-story, 60,000-square-foot facility to accommodate 21st-century collaboration and research needs. The project includes complex seismic upgrades, a full replacement of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, enclosure upgrades, and life-safety improvements to meet modern accessibility standards.

A series of preparatory projects, referred to as “surge” projects, include the build out of various spaces throughout the campus to relocate current programs and empty and ready the existing Huestis Hall for the renovation. This phase of work also includes isolation and containment of fully operational and highly sensitive Zebrafish and CAMCOR facilities in the Huestis Hall basement. CAMCOR (Center for Advanced Materials Characterization in Oregon) is a full-service, comprehensive materials characterization center housed in Huestis Hall that focuses on materials characterization services and equipment access to academic researchers and industry partners.

Construction began in Spring 2022 and will see major mechanical systems moved from the basement to the roof to allow for additional program space, while new lab spaces with revised layouts and new casework systems are added. On the exterior, the building envelope will be upgraded to address persistent leaks that have plagued the building for years.

Delivery of the fully renovated and modern scientific research facility is expected in late 2023.

Facts And Figures

Project Owner: University of Oregon

Construction Cost: $50-60 million

6 months enabling work

21-month renovation

60,000 square feet

Completion Date: Winter 2023

Delivery Methods

We're excited about bringing this building up to modern standards to help establish the University of Oregon's place as a hub for scientific learning and discovery in the 21st Century. 

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