I appreciate the support, wisdom and guidance that I’ve received in my career, so I enjoy finding opportunities to pay it forward by helping others.

Leadership is our focus.

At Mortenson, leadership isn’t a job title; it’s a quality each person possesses and brings to their role. It’s also an expectation we hold for each other. While many organizations see leadership as an addendum, it is core for Mortenson. It’s our deep belief that, to get to where we want to go, we must invest in building leadership skills across our team. It’s an investment we are proud to make because it will deliver undeniably powerful results.

Transforming the future is our goal.

It’s exciting to be part of our efforts to fix the inherent inefficiencies in the root-bound system of construction. How can those roots be released and become more integrated? How can our work and industry be transformed? And how can our craft team members be best supported and offered opportunities to advance? Technology and process matter, but it’s also about changing mindsets and educating customers. Our teams are continually pushing to solve problems and disrupt traditional thinking to transform the future.

A spirit of belonging is our promise.

Any culture that’s going to fully embrace inclusivity, equity and diversity must start with the premise of respect for the individual and respect for each other. While this is a core part of our culture, we know we have to continually focus on it. To help lead our industry, we have a responsibility to engage in tough conversations and hold ourselves accountable to creating a workplace where every team member feels like they belong and can thrive.