Great leaders see change as an opportunity. They are strategic in their thinking while remaining open and willing to respond to change.

Making the impossible, possible

Mortenson Development is a non-traditional developer designed to help customers do what they couldn’t do on their own. That may entail acquiring of a piece of land, navigating a city’s development process, or even lining up the right investors for a project. A classic example is how we helped a mission-driven healthcare system. They had been trying for years to advance a large addition to their facility. But fundraising attempt after fundraising attempt just didn’t work. When we offered a financial solution that made sense for them, we helped them advance the project and achieve their dream.

Getting customers where they want to go

We help our customers envision what they can achieve within their organization. We aim to deliver an exceptional experience by solving challenges with creative, well-thought solutions. By offering deep insights along with innovative approaches to resolving their needs, we get our customers where they want to go, every time.

Redefining the future, for the better

Mortenson is working to redefine the future of construction. For example, we’re going all out to create a manufacturing method that will allow us to offer a lower-cost, higher-quality alternative to our customers. And because Mortenson Development is small and agile, we can respond quickly to these innovations and help our customers grow faster than they imagined – a win-win as we grow our partnerships into the future.


I’m particularly focused on education and community service, and I spend a lot of time mentoring the next generation of leaders. In addition, my family and I are active within our church and a variety of Christian ministries and community-oriented outreach programs.

This passion for stewardship and service is supported by Mortenson leadership and aligns with the company’s values and culture. As an organization, we are passionate about developing and supporting the next generation. We're committed to lifting up and providing opportunities for the underserved. And we are dedicated to making a difference in the communities where we live and work.


  • Time with family
  • Outdoor activities
  • Travel


47 years

Going from being a customer and partner to being part of the team!