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From what we get, we can make a living. What we give, however, makes a life.

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Inclusivity in Everything we do

It is our responsibility as leaders to create a culture of inclusion. When we lead with agility, patience, and empathy, we can truly understand the needs of our team members, trade partners, and customers. For me, great leadership comes from learning and leveraging team members' individual strengths to empower the entire team. We take the time to mentor and understand our young professionals so we can continue to treat everyone fairly, put "we before me", and seek out new perspectives to improve this industry.

Embrace Sustainability

One of our industry's greatest challenges is improving how we implement sustainability standards. This industry is one of the top global consumers of raw materials, and built structures typically generate a large percentage of the world's carbon emissions. Mortenson aims to create achievable targets for offsetting carbon emissions by promoting sustainable design practices, focused planning and intelligent building. This renewed approach to project delivery will change the future of the built environment and encourage an industry-wide transformation.

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Culture at the Core

Our culture centers around creating meaningful relationships with all project stakeholders. The strongest partnerships are formed at the intersection of common values, mutual respect and trust, and the understanding that each partner brings a unique point of view to the team. Many of our customers are new to the construction process and the best way to guide them and accomplish shared goals is to push our differences aside as we learn, grow, and achieve success together.


Mortenson and the construction industry have given me and my family so much that I feel obligated to give back. I challenge everyone to try and incorporate volunteerism into their life, as it not only benefits the individual but can have lasting impacts on your community. The value of giving is truly immeasurable but the joy I have gained from volunteering is priceless.


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20 years


University of Wyoming
B.S., Microbiology

Colorado State University
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
B.S., Construction Management

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