John Nowoj


I love this industry. I understand what's important about the building process. And I just really love what I do.

In Remembrance

It is with a heavy heart we share the news of the passing of John Nowoj, on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. An exceptional mentor and coach, a builder's builder, and a strong servant leader. But most importantly, he was a dedicated and loving husband and father. He will be greatly missed.

Elevating customer relationships

The depth and breadth of what Mortenson offers empowers us to be better for our customers. We don’t just build things. We leverage our product knowledge and expertise to make our customers’ dreams come true. For instance, we had a customer in Seattle who didn’t realize we offer solutions beyond construction. So they were impressed when we brought in our development experts to discuss leveraging the customer’s existing land assets and accessing third party capital for their future needs. Our customer immediately recognized the value in these services. Now we are their go-to partner!

Innovating from the ground up

True innovation comes from hands-on understanding. I believe it’s important for our team members to get out in the field and connect with the frontline craft teams. Once they understand how it all works, they can influence innovation. They’ll find ways to make a job easier, or to help the team be safer and more efficient. And this culture of innovation builds upon itself – because the craft team will then start innovating ways to improve productivity in their own roles. When people feel empowered to try new things, or do things in different ways, it’s incredible to see what they invent.

Leading the way to impact

What’s most exciting about Mortenson is that each person is a leader. We all have the ability to make an impact, not only on our projects, but also in our communities and in the world. Leadership isn’t a role you grow into – it’s where you start, and you just deepen those skills through your career. I think this concept is really important for our younger team members to hear, and to know we expect that of them.


The family feel at Mortenson is really important to me. The most incredible aspect of that is how we approach stewardship and giving back, especially here in Seattle. We’re involved in service across the board – whether it’s volunteering with Rebuilding Together Seattle or participating in cancer walks or our strong United Way giving or any number of activities and events.

Everyone is super passionate about getting involved. I think this passion stems from leadership, both locally and company-wide, that makes giving back such an important part of our business and our culture.


  • Time with family
  • Travel
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35 years

Becoming the go-to partner for one of our long-term developer customers and being their first call whenever they need help


Washington State University
B.S. Construction Management & Engineering