Nothing energizes me more than supporting our team members’ growth and development – and helping them find a path to achieve their desired goals.

Minding the gap by embracing change

Our industry is racing toward standardizing the construction process to drive down the time and cost of construction. Yet standardization is just the first step. The real prize will be bridging the gap between standard process and completely custom projects. And the result will be safer projects and higher-quality facilities in less time, while creating new opportunities for persons interested in changing our Industry. That is the future. And it starts with design-build, which is essential to realize this goal.

Design-building on a foundation of trust

The key to design-build success is trust. Yet many customers don’t trust that their design-build partner has their best interests at heart. We live to change that perception. Customers need to see the certainty they gain by having the designer and the contractor as a joint entity. They need to feel confident that, as we make decisions in real time, we are driving in value for them. And they need to trust that every decision we make is in their best interest, not in the interest of our profitability. Through our actions, our transparency and willingness to own our mistakes, earning our customer’s trust is critical to how we operate and deliver every project. One of the highlights of my career was hearing a customer say, “I wish I would have met Mortenson years ago, because I just trust you.

Feeling at home, at work

The best thing about working at Mortenson is the feeling of family. There’s such a strong sense of caring and support that it keeps each and every team member engaged, inspired and committed to the purpose of the company and its goals. I’ve been here for more than 33 years, and I have never felt there might be a better place to build a career.


I have a particular passion for giving people opportunities. The reason this matters so much is that it took me a while to figure out my own growth path. I had moments of self-doubt and felt safer in my comfort zone. Yet I was also surrounded by leaders who saw my strengths and my value and pushed me to take on challenges I wouldn’t have dreamed about.

And now, I share my leadership journey with my team members. I always tell them, “don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. More importantly, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll be amazed at what you can do!”


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33 years

Stepping outside of my comfort zone to lead the Federal Contracting Group


DBIA Professional Certification
Design Build Institute of America