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We celebrate and honor our company’s history and what brought us here, but we cultivate a culture where new, innovative ideas are encouraged to advance company and the industry forward.

Embracing the Next Generation of Leaders

As a leader, I want to leave a legacy of inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves – with the belief that we are all leaders. Our leadership is focused on cultivating new thinkers while keeping true to our core values, and I am proud to be a part of a company that is dedicated to supporting the next generation. We are intentionally bringing diverse perspectives into our industry and developing our future leaders. 

Fostering a Shared Purpose with Diverse Talent

Mortenson is thoughtfully investing in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts – through many ways including nurturing female leaders to be successful in roles women historically have not held, while also providing internship programs to foster courageous and thought-provoking talent. Our goal is to create a workforce with diverse perspectives that not only represent the communities we serve but also keep us competitive and adaptable to advance our industry and customers’ business.

But hiring and promoting diverse people is only the start; we want to make sure each team member feels they belong. When individuals feel they belong, they are empowered to bring their whole selves to work and contribute their unique perspectives and talents. We actively promote collaboration, teamwork and a sense of camaraderie that transcends hierarchies and fosters a shared purpose.

A Focus on Talent…For the Long Term

One aspect that makes Mortenson truly special is the long-term tenure of our team members. When people join Mortenson, they stay – for the long haul. We have a track record of individuals who have built their careers here and retired from the company and this is starting to show even with the younger generations. It's a testament to the supportive environment we provide, where individuals can grow, meet their spouses, and build their families. We are advocating for team members to grow and excel in their roles but as their passions and expertise evolve, we are supporting them in creating new career paths forward. We truly value our team members and see them as part of our Mortenson family.


I proudly serve as a voice for the Asian American Pacific Islander Business Resource Group (BRG) at Mortenson. As a first-generation immigrant with strong Indian roots, I know how important supporting those coming into this country. I want to ensure they have a smooth journey, find their own courage and feel a sense of belonging, amplifying and creating space for their voice to be heard. Related, I also actively participate in the Bengali Association of Minnesota, where we promote Indian culture and raise awareness in the community.


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