Shankar Muthukumar looking at 4D modal at Climate Pledge Arena


We provide strategy and insights to deliver an amazing facility—built by and for the community, on time, and on budget—to maximize long-term value for our customers.

Driving decisions with data & insights

Building a stadium is typically a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for owners. As our customer, we provide you with data, insights and historical details on trends and costs of facilities like yours. This gives you accurate, real-time information on how your strategic and tactical program decisions will impact revenue generation. Rather than relying on intuition to guide decisions about what you think your fans will want and need, we’ll connect the dots between your instincts and the proven data and insights, for a better ROI.

Future-proofing your legacy

Sports facilities help create the fabric of a community. They're not just the physical home of your favorite team – they’re the spiritual home of the fanbase, the current players, and the legends who came before. Yet everyone who enters your facility will have a different expectation. How do we create a facility that not just satisfies, but excites each person now and for the next 50 years? At Mortenson, we have a dedicated team that tracks the trends and “follows the puck.” We'll build you a facility that will inspire special moments, lasting memories, and bring joy to your fans and the community for decades to come.

Living our people-first culture

From the leadership team to the boots on the ground, our focus on people—and our care for each other, our customers, and our community—is as authentic as it gets. We go above and beyond to deliver on our commitments. Our cultural principles of “We Before Me” and “Do the Right Thing” keep us honest and transparent. We don’t say things just to "win" or save face; we’ll have the tough conversations as needed, so we can all continue forward, building trust and deepening our sense of responsibility to each other.


I'm deeply committed to supporting and mentoring the next generation. At Mortenson, we provide our team members with tools and support through formal training, informal mentorships, and making sure they have opportunities to gain critical on-the-job experience.

We also want to have fun while encouraging learning and innovation. So we empower our teams to use their imaginations to develop innovations and efficiencies; creatively solve problems; take on new challenges; tap into their potential; and ultimately, bring out the best in each other. After all, knowledge can have a limit…but imagination never will!


  • World travel
  • Binge-watching sports
  • Trying new ice-cream parlors

Tamil Nadu, India

Ensuring that owners get the best facility for their investment and fans get the best experience for the money they spend