Tim Maag


Each of us can make a difference in the world if we look beyond ourselves to the bigger picture, creating a legacy we can be proud to leave behind.

Tim Maag

Resilient culture

Adapting to adversities in the ever-changing work environment, as well as advocating for the best interests of team members and the wind industry has helped build resilience within our culture at Mortenson. In the 40 years I have worked for Mortenson, I have learned that listening and leading with intention makes the biggest impact. Leading this way has allowed us to deliver safe and successful projects to our customers. 

Doing the right thing

As an active board member of the American Clean Power Association (formerly AWEA), attaching the Mortenson name to a greener future is an honor and gives our team opportunities for innovation, constantly redefining what’s possible in the wind business. Creating relationships built on open communication and trust is what makes the customer experience exceptional. The Mortenson culture guides team members by keeping at the forefront of our minds what truly makes Mortenson unique – our commitment to our customers and each other, and to “doing the right thing” no matter what the circumstances.

Leaving communities better than we found them

The selflessness of our project teams, and how they will go to great lengths to ensure the safe completion of our projects is what makes me proud to lead the Wind Energy team. Every project begins with a unified team that has the customer and project success as their top priority. Each project team will leave the community better than they found it, giving back to ensure they leave behind something great as well as a wind project they constructed.

Tim Maag