Building water infrastructure

Water infrastructure projects are engineering-driven, requiring a higher level of mechanical and electrical expertise during the preconstruction phase. Our in-house MEP expertise is especially important in supporting the design team as equipment, maintenance, operations and constructability decisions are being made. These projects are concrete-intensive, and our ability to perform all the concrete work with our own forces gives us greater control and dependability in delivering your project on time and within budget.

The Tualatin Interceptor & Siphon Improvements project team won a 2020 Engineering Excellence Award from ACEC Oregon. 
The most significant project by size, dollar volume, and importance in 40 years for the District has progressed amazingly smoothly. All aspects were managed well and progressed without a hitch!

Tualatin Interceptor & Siphon Improvements

Three styles of trenchless pipe installation to replace 10,000 LF of pipeline, passing beneath the Tualatin River and a wetland. 

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Chambers Creek Regional WWTP

This complex and award-winning wastewater treatment plant provides services to over 250,000 Pierce County residents.

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Chatfield Storage Reallocation

Providing an additional 20,600-acre feet of water storage at Chatfield Reservoir to the Littleton, Colorado community.

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