Water / Wastewater

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The City of Bend selected Mortenson to demolish and rebuild the existing intake structure for diversion of surface water, originally built in 1926. This project is broadly scoped and includes a raw water intake structure, raw water control structure, and Water Treatment Facility (WTF) to serve the City of Bend’s water supply needs and to meet USEPA LT2 requirements. The raw water conveyance terminates in a concrete Raw Water Control Structure that dissipates 400 psi of force through energy-reducing valves prior to introduction into the WTF. The WTF is a greenfield, hollow fiber membrane treatment plant designed for an initial peak capacity of 13.6 MGD and ultimate peak capacity of 23.3 MGD.  The project includes a vertical turbine pump manifold that feeds five Pall membrane skids, one of which is used for backwash recovery. A new building houses the instrumentation and controls systems for the skids and all equipment to make this a complete facility, including clean-in-place (CIP) chemical systems comprised of tanks and metering pumps, membrane scour blowers and filtrate pumps. 


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