team results

Mortenson’s Wind Energy Group was selected by Akuo Energy to construct the Rocksprings Wind Project in Del Rio, TX. This is the first wind project we have constructed for this customer. 

The scope of work included public road improvements, blasting, access roads, foundations, collection system installation, wiring and erection of 69 2.17 GE turbines, T-Line, substation, O&M building and met towers. We also self-performed all civil and HVT work. Construction began in December of 2016 and was completed in August of 2017.

The terrain the project team worked with was very rough terrain, ridges and mostly rock. We had the advantage of dealing with many of the conditions on site when we started work the first time in early 2016. Mortenson was able to use these lessons learned to develop a plan to finish the project and price it accordingly. We also utilized VDC to help develop wind turbine component laydown plans at difficult site locations in order to aide with off-load and truck turn arounds. At peak construction, about 150 people were employed on site.