team results

Mortenson was selected to build Route 66 Wind Project by SunEdison (formerly First Wind Energy). Located 15 miles east of Amarillo, along the original US Route 66 that follows an east-west line across the Texas Panhandle, the 16,000-acre wind project will provide 150 MW of renewable energy.

Throughout the approximate nine-month construction period, the team was responsible for the project design, public road improvements, access roads, foundations, erection of 75 Vestas 2 MW turbines, collection system, substation, O&M building and met tower.

SunEdison placed a significant emphasis on local spending and hiring. During the peak of construction, Mortenson hired more that 200 local-craft labor on the project. The 150 MW wind project in Texas utilized 50 businesses throughout the state and 21 businesses within a 50-mile radius. This project brought approximately $2 million dollars into the local economy.


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