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At Mortenson, our people aren’t merely content to keep up with
the wind industry. We want to push it into bold new frontiers. We
will find new ways to deliver wind energy projects and develop
new innovations with which to deliver them. This is why we’re
not just moving your next wind energy project forward. We’re
moving the entire wind energy industry forward.
Fowler IV Food Drive

Fowler IV Gives Back

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Todd Bell article

Say Goodbye to Run-to-Failure

Read Todd Bell's latest article on saving owners and operators time and expense.

Grande Prairie wind project

Construction Begins on Nebraska's Largest Wind Farm

Maag article

Already a Wind Leader, Iowa Strives for More

Check out this article by our leader Tim Maag on Iowa wind energy published in North American Windpower.

Get your kicks on Route 66 Phase 1 Wind Farm

Get Your Kicks

Check out our newest video where we "get our kicks" on Route 66 Phase 1 Wind Project for SunEdison.

Mortenson Energy Services

Wind Energy Services

Choose Mortenson's Wind Energy Services to support your operations and maintenance needs.


Our commitment to being on the cutting edge of innovation and technology enabled us to be among the first major contractors to enter the wind market in 1995, when we installed our first wind turbine in Adair, Iowa.  Today, having constructed more than 15,000 MW of wind energy, Mortenson is recognized not only as one of North America’s principal full-service wind power contractors, but as a leader in renewable energy construction.

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