Pat McAllister, EDF Renewable Energy

Trust and respect, in my mind, are absolutely essential when working with a contractor. I trust Mortenson to do the job that we hire them to do because they do the job right.

Pat McAllister, Vice President, Engineering and Construction,
EDF Renewable Energy
EDF and Microsoft Pilot Hill Groundbreaking

Mortenson Begins Construction for EDF Renewable Energy and Microsoft’s Pilot Hill Wind Project

#tallestusflag Acuity Insurance Flagpole

ACUITY Flag Pole

Standing 400 feet tall, the new Acuity Insurance Flagpole is the tallest flagpole in North America.

Spinning Spur II

Mortenson Construction Completes Spinning Spur II Wind Project

Two Dot Wind Project image

Mortenson Construction Completes Two Dot Wind Farm in Montana


Catch the Wind

Introducing elementary students to wind energy.


Dokie Wind Project

Keeping British Columbia beautiful by displacing an estimated 228,000 tons of green house gases each year.


Our commitment to being on the cutting edge of innovation and technology enabled us to be among the first major contractors to enter the wind market in 1995, when we installed our first wind turbine in Adair, Iowa.  Today, having constructed more than 15,000 MW of wind energy, Mortenson is recognized not only as one of North America’s principal full-service wind power contractors, but as a leader in renewable energy construction.

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