We will be better people and better companies for having worked together.

At Mortenson, building for the greater good means that we consider the long-term health and vitality of our stakeholders in all we do. This includes our team members, customers, partners, communities, and the planet on which we live. It's about doing the right thing. It's about lifting others up and helping them succeed. It’s about making a positive impact today, and for generations to come.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is realized in three ways:


 Mortenson CSR


For more than 20 years, we have been creating opportunities for underserved populations. We're on a mission to foster a diverse and inclusive culture across our company and throughout our industry. And we are not stopping there. Learn more


We are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of the built environment and the energy industry, as well as minimizing waste. Working closely with our customers, we are pushing new limits and creating a more sustainable planet. Learn more


Giving back to the neighborhoods where we live and work has been part of our culture for 68 years. Our team members are driven to make a difference and it comes from the heart – donating and volunteering to improve their own communities. Learn more

Building for the Greater Good is Why We’re Here

Hear from leaders across our company to learn what it means to be Building for the Greater Good.

We have been committed to making a difference since our founding in 1954.

At Mortenson, leading means we will go the extra mile in our efforts, and we will always do the right thing.


  Cultivating an inclusive culture that values diversity while ensuring equitable opportunity for all.

  Driving inclusive and economic growth by creating opportunity for MWBE partners to thrive.

  Developing a diverse workforce through intentional recruiting and career development.

  Strengthening external allyship and partnership around equity to break down systemic barriers.

We won’t rest until we have more diverse representation within our company and across our industry.

Stronger Together

Hear from team members and leaders, across the company, on how we can build a better world when we are stronger together.

It’s not about checking boxes or achieving goals. It’s about making a difference. We are honored to be a part of the progress on our jobsites over the past three decades. We acknowledge and embrace we have more work to do, and we are taking new steps every day to bring about an equitable and better future.

Supporting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DE&I starts with us. We're on a mission to create a diverse, inclusive culture with opportunity for all.

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Developing our Workforce

Supporting the next generation - and reflecting the diverse communities where we live and work - is our top priority.

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Advancing Supplier & Partner Diversity

We help communities thrive by opening doors to economic opportunity for underserved populations in our industry.

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Building for the greater good includes taking care of our environment. From our customer projects to our own facilities, we are at the forefront of sustainable building practices designed to create a better built environment for generations to come. Our efforts are backed by our commitment as a leading top 20 Green contractor in the US, with more than 275 green projects under our belt.



in green/sustainable projects since 2006


electricity in U.S. offices offset by wind credits


ENR's 2020 Top 200 Green U.S. Contractors


projects with green awards & certifications

Reimagining the Possibility of Energy
When it comes to renewable energy, we couldn’t be more excited about where we’re going. As true pioneers in renewable energy construction, with our partners and customers, we are striving to deliver clean, efficient, reliable renewable energy and the electrical infrastructure to deliver it to our entire nation. Learn more

Building for the Future with our Customers
Many industry leaders are making big commitments when it comes to sustainability – whether to reduce their carbon footprint, achieve aggressive energy standards or project certifications, and we take pride in helping our customers realize these goals. Mortenson has built a reputation for delivering clean, efficient, and reliable renewable energy projects and we will arm you with the data to help you make the best investment. Learn more

Focusing on Carbon Reduction in the AEC Industry
Recently, Mortenson joined forces with Building Green, a trusted source on healthy and sustainable design and construction strategies, among other leading contractors, to actively engage in the adaptation of the Contractor’s Commitment. Together, we are piloting new ways to track and measure company-wide sustainability as a contractor – focused on areas we can influence – from carbon reduction and jobsite wellness to water and waste management. We are also dedicated to growing our electric vehicle fleet and prioritizing waste reduction.


‘Doing something good’ comes from the heart, and it’s as ingrained in our company culture, as it is in all of our team members. As part of our company’s CSR program, every year, our teams donate their time, treasure and talents to more than 600 local organizations across the country.

Community Impact Program

At Mortenson, we’ve created a culture where people do the right thing, inspire others to achieve their best, and put others before ourselves. Our Community Impact Program lets us do just that. The program helps us achieve a greater impact together than any one of us can do alone.

We do this through:

   Developing local community partnerships and allyships

   Connecting team members to charities and non-profits that seek donations and volunteerism

   Empowering our teams to give back in ways and places they are most passionate about 

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Company Foundation

The Mortenson Company Foundation is a platform to build upon our company’s legacy of giving back and to bolster our impact through direct support to the communities where we live and work. Our teams and offices across the country are an essential aspect of this impact – and now, they can apply for funds to be donated directly to local charities that need it most, driving social, environmental and inclusive economic progress. Through The Mortenson Company Foundation, we enrich our communities and expand our impact.

Let's Make an Impact Together

Whether you’re looking to plan your next project, become a trade partner, explore career opportunities or discuss your next sustainable initiative, we’re here to help you take your next step with confidence.