From day one, you experience a culture that is deeply rooted in supporting our team members. It shines through when it's your turn to take your rotation, or the unexpected happens. As you step away from the project, your fellow team members are in control of any situation that arises in your absence.

The collaborative nature of our team means you operate in an environment surrounded by a network of people who will always have your back. That peace of mind is priceless for a project leader like you.

Solar team members celebrating wins

Consistency is key

Time and time again, you look for consistency in the way work is done. Our solar team says there are two distinct advantages we have that change how you work safely, efficiently, and without headaches.

Project managers and superintendent talking about project plan

Consistency with structured processes across the team

The repeatability of structured processes across the solar team means you know what to expect when you step onto any of our project sites.

When you're not worried about how the work gets done, you focus on finding innovation and personal development. Project-to-project consistency plays a crucial role in creating world-class safety and quality. And the outcome is better projects and higher job satisfaction for you.

Solar group together

Consistency with craft training on every project

At project mobilization, a dedicated core traveling team takes on the initial work of training craft team members on each new project.

As a result, you can devote your entire focus to other aspects of the project without any added stress. It also means that all team members immediately learn our culture, zero injury focus, and our processes from experts who have lived it. The positive impact of this consistent approach is immediate.

Your project site experience is only one aspect of your job satisfaction.

We believe that building connections with your peers across the team is paramount to your success and career growth. It's a network of people you're comfortable reaching out to about things. You're not on an island because we build opportunities for you to connect multiple times a year - and make them a priority.

As a mid-career hire, we invest in connecting you with others across the organization at large. You'll attend training, conferences, and summits that help you understand how Mortenson operates and our broad range of expertise and capabilities.

Two-day leadership event

We fly you and your peers to our Minneapolis headquarters for an intensive two-day leadership event.

You'll meet team members and leaders from other teams in the organization to share stories, your experiences and build relationships. Dan Johnson, our CEO, and David Mortenson, our chairman, spend time with you talking about their history and experience climbing the ranks at Mortenson. You'll learn in-depth about our corporate strategy from our senior leadership team and hear from our CFO about our financial footing and growth.

Operations summit to grow careers in solar

Operations summit

Our solar operations team meets once a year to exchange ideas, share experiences and lessons learned from the different solar projects across the nation.

You'll continue to build on the relationships you've created and form new bonds with your teammates. When you run into an issue on a project, you have a network of people willing to step up and help you solve whatever comes your way.

Career growth planning

From certifications to individualized leadership learning opportunities, you'll continue growing in your career.

We focus on your growth with yearly structured performance reviews, career planning, and a mid-year career development discussion with your manager. In addition, our leadership development program, LeadBLU, offers specialized training opportunities to deepen your leadership capabilities.