Since 2017, we have repowered more than
2,500 wind turbines

Many turbines throughout the United States are reaching the end of their life expectancy or have obsolete technology that is no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Repowering has emerged as a way for turbines to be replaced or modified with modern technology, prolonging the life expectancy, increasing the capacity factor and minimizing maintenance costs.

In-depth repowering knowledge

As a leader in the repowering market, we have developed efficient processes for both foundation enhancement and crane work which minimize turbine downtime. We have also identified innovative solutions to improve the safety and quality of repowering projects.

Integrated service and construction expertise

Repowering is a perfect blend between construction and service work. Our team of service technicians, along with our vast construction experience, provides the knowledge needed to repower a project.

Commitment to far superior results

Project success relies on the principle that the team dynamic is stronger together than the sum of its parts. It is with that collaborative and team-focused mindset that we deliver far superior results. From thorough pre-planning, precise execution, and continual monitoring, we can ensure safety and quality excellence.

We can help you maximize the performance of your assets.