New 2018 Healthcare Study Highlights Big Changes


2018 Healthcare Study

Mortenson recently launched our new 2018 Healthcare Leadership Series Study, where we share new data about the staggering magnitude and speed of change in healthcare. Based on a survey of over 900 participants at the 2018 ASHE Planning, Design and Construction Summit, the study had some interesting takeaways that could cause facilities leaders at provider organizations to think in new ways about the alignment of growth and facilities strategies.

Three big takeaways in this year’s study include:

  • 83% of consumers (AKA patients) are now “shopping around” for care. This suggests a future where physician loyalty is no longer the key driver, rather, convenience and cost become bigger decision factors in where patients choose to go for care.
  • 85% of providers now believe fewer patients (non-acute) require in-person office - up from 49% only three years ago. This clearly has implications for how we design and build spaces that are ready for ever-increasing technology.
  • A lack of resources (35%) and a need to lean their facilities (33%) are the top challenges for planning, design and facilities leaders.

Aside from these findings – largely the result of a new era of competition among systems – another interesting find is the disconnect between the delivery methods facilities leaders would prefer, versus what their organizations currently do. While 47% of participants WANT to use Design-Build as their primary delivery method, only 21% are currently doing so. This disconnect is an area worth exploring, as Design-Build results in better outcomes for systems and more trust and collaboration among partners.