Market Insights: Providers Share Their Thoughts on Healthcare Industry Trends
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The healthcare market is no stranger to change. Over the past few years, organizations have learned to quickly adapt, embrace the concept of flexibility, and face challenges head-on. 

Today, we have a consumer-driven market that continues to be shaped by funding concerns, staff shortages and worker burnout, and rising operational costs. However, the outlook for healthcare is not all “gloom and doom.” 

Strong recruiting efforts have helped providers attract and retain critical staff. A shift to remote care, paired with Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and other advances in technology, presents opportunities to further alleviate staffing challenges.  

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We are offering bonuses to new employees if they stay with us an entire year for areas that we are experiencing shortages such as nurses, social workers, and physical and occupational therapists.
I feel that we will have more technology in place to help staff with patients so this can free up their time and help them treat patients more effectively.

Organizations also continue to invest in building and renovating healthcare facilities, not only for the benefit of staff well-being but to better address specific community needs. Acute care, primary care, and mental and behavioral health facilities continue to be top priorities as providers assess community needs and plan for the future. Together with community partners, they’re developing long-term solutions that help expand community reach and improve care delivery for generations to come. 

With so much competition for good people, having an attractive and supportive work environment is more important than ever.

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Currently our organization is trying to expand the mental health facilities to provide more support for mental health patients.

What else are your peers saying about healthcare system pressures, and the factors and advances driving the future of healthcare? Do they align with the experiences and priorities of others in your market and region? 

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