365 Consecutive Days with Zero Injuries at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital

Congratulations to Mortenson’s Advocate Good Shepherd Modernization Project team for officially hitting 1 year of Zero Injuries which totaled 378,000 consecutive work hours.

Construction Executive, Joe Krueger stated, “This is a proud moment for the entire team. This milestone could only have been achieved through our craft workers diligence and constant focus on Mortenson’s Zero Injury culture.” Working safely in a live hospital is very challenging and the team accomplished this by always keeping the safety of the hospital staff, the patients and the project team at the forefront. Keeping everyone safe takes the commitment of ALL workers when building any project. A project as complex as this raises the commitment bar even higher. The project team held bi-weekly safety meetings, monthly site safety committee meetings, and the all-important job wide safety meeting, which includes members of the hospital, all craft workers, and all office team members on site.

The team celebrated this accomplishment with a job wide safety lunch in the bed tower of the New North Addition. The onsite Sr. Superintendent Kevin Barrett thanked everyone on site and explained that “Safety is of the utmost importance in our day to day activities. We are not only craft workers, but we are also healthcare workers,” he said. Advocate Good Shepherd’s Director of Clinical and Support Services, Allison Wyler, thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication to not only their safety but also the safety of all of the hospital’s patients. She also explained to the craft why Advocate holds safety in such a high regard and how she is personally proud of what this project has accomplished for the Barrington community.

The hospital will be hosting an open house on May 14, 2016 for the general public to visit the new facility.