Able Grid, MAP® Energy, Astral Electricity and Mortenson Announce Construction Start for Chisholm Grid 100 MW Battery Energy Storage System to Serve the Growing ERCOT Texas Electricity Market

San Francisco (August 24, 2020) – Able Grid Energy Solutions (Able Grid), a leading developer of battery energy storage projects throughout the U.S., along with its development and operating partners MAP® Energy (MAP®) and Astral Electricity (Astral), today announced that full notice to proceed has been issued on the Chisholm Grid battery energy storage system located in Fort Worth, Texas. Chisholm Grid will have an initial rated capacity of 100 megawatts (MWac) and is scheduled to begin commercial operations in mid-2021. Mortenson is the balance of plant (BOP) and battery installation contractor for the Chisholm Grid facility, which is Mortenson’s ninth energy storage project.

The Chisholm Grid battery energy storage system was developed by Able Grid Infrastructure Holdings, LLC, a joint venture between Able Grid and MAP®. Able Grid will provide construction management and operational asset management services for the site. Chisholm Grid is owned by Astral Electricity, LLC, a privately-held energy storage power producer currently building multiple utility-scale energy storage projects that will reach commercial operations by mid-2021.

“Able Grid was founded in 2016 under the premise that standalone battery energy storage systems would soon become a cost-effective component of the electricity systems that deliver low-cost and reliable energy to consumers. Chisholm Grid will be the largest standalone battery energy storage facility participating in the ERCOT Texas electricity market, and one of the largest in the world, when it reaches commercial operations in mid-2021. ‘Soon’ has become today,” said Barnaby Olson, CEO and Founder of Able Grid.

“Chisholm Grid’s development has been enabled by the pro-market policies that are at the core of ERCOT operations,” added Aaron Zubaty, Managing Partner of MAP®. “As the Texas economy continues to grow in the coming years and is increasingly powered by low-cost renewable energy supplies, the Chisholm Grid battery energy storage system will participate in the existing wholesale electricity market as a new and highly-advanced resource to supply valuable grid services that are currently provided by costlier, polluting and less-flexible thermal generating units. Years of innovation by global technology suppliers now allow companies like Astral Electricity to deploy market-driven solutions that will accelerate the decarbonization of electricity supplies while also improving grid performance and regional air quality.”

In early August, Astral issued full notice to proceed to Mortenson and work has already begun onsite for the balance of plant and high voltage transmission components, making Chisholm Grid the largest standalone battery energy storage project currently under construction in the U.S. outside of California.

“The Chisholm Grid project will set a new benchmark for world-class energy storage facilities that benefit the environment, economy, and electric grid. Mortenson is honored to join Able Grid and MAP on this transformational project in Texas,” said James Phaneuf, Mortenson’s Vice President and general manager of energy storage. “Our energy storage design and construction expertise will help ensure Able Grid and MAP’s vision for this project are successfully brought to life.”

At peak construction, approximately 50 people will be employed on-site at Chisholm Grid, and Mortenson has secured subcontracts from local Dallas – Fort Worth-based trade partners to ensure local participation on the project.

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Able Grid Energy Solutions, Inc. (“Able Grid”) is a utility-scale energy storage developer.  In partnership with utilities, municipalities, communities, and leading corporate buyers, Able Grid is developing low-cost energy storage assets that provide reliable, emissions-free capacity to manage the physical and financial volatility of energy markets. We focus on investing in communities and markets where energy storage will provide long-term value to utilities managing a diverse energy portfolio to provide low-cost and sustainable power for their customers.

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