Working Safely: Avoiding Heat Related Illnesses

On a 94-degree day, with a heat index of 101, the Clinic and Specialty Center project team was joined by Dr. Steven Souchtchenko—an emergency room physician with Hennepin County Medical Center. At the lunchtime safety meeting he went over hyperthermia symptoms and how to stay safe in the heat.
“We value HCMC’s commitment to partner with us as we plan our work safely for changing environments” said Project Manager Bryan Gingerich. “Hearing the dangers of heat related illness from Dr. Souchtchenko helps us reinforce our message to work safe.”
Dr. Steven Souchtchenko addressed prevention, warning signs, symptoms, and treatment of heat related illness. He stressed the importance of staying hydrated, explaining that “by the time you’re thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated.” He also reiterated the need for everyone to look out for their team members and ensure that everyone is handling the heat.